What is wine wellness?

Private wine bath

Just like a Beer spa, Wine Wellness is increasingly in demand due to its many beneficial effects on the human body. Wine in moderate amounts is beneficial for health or even healing, which our ancestors knew well. At our Wine Wellness you can enjoy the effect of wine not only from the inside, but also from the outside. Our special wine blend, along with the fine wine of your choice (included in the price) will make your visit an unforgettable experience.

The wine bath takes place in bathtub with hydromassage jets (jacuzzi). The bath is filled with water with the addition of a mixture of red wine, wine grape extract, aromatic oils, wine salt and grape seeds. The combination of these nutrients promotes muscle relaxation, has a strengthening and rejuvenating effect, provides vitality restoration and improves blood circulation in tissues. The beautifully pinkish color of the water will delight not only your eyes and the delicate scent of the grapes will help you achieve perfect relaxation and harmony. Wine Wellness serves as a great way to relax for everyone who wants to make their day more pleasant and special and enjoy great wine in privacy.

Part of the bath is also unlimited use of the Finnish sauna, which further enhances the experience of the visit and helps to achieve complete relaxation of the body in all available ways. At the end of your stay in the Majestic Wine Wellness, you will receive a souvenir in the form of original wine cosmetics of your choice.

Pearl bath (Hydro massage) - whirlpool

The beneficial effects of warm water and air massage on the human body have been known and used for at least two thousand years. One of the most pleasant ways to relax is to bathe in the whirlpool. The effect of whirlpools on the body is very favorable and helps to achieve overall harmony of personality in terms of physical, mental and emotional well-being. Whirlpool bath with hydrotherapy has a positive effect on improving mental well-being, against stress, muscle pain, arthritis, insomnia, improves blood circulation and heart activity.

Finnish sauna

The air temperature in the upper part of the sauna is between 90 - 110 ° C and in the lower part around 60 °C. The recommended time in a sauna is 8 - 15 minutes. During the session in sauna you should be mainly guided by our feelings. Subsequently, the body should cool down and relax. It is recommended to repeat the whole cycle three times. The regular visit shows a noticeable increase in immunity. A sauna visit is recommended as a perfect prevention against influenza disease (Flu). Sauna improves the function of internal organs (heart, lungs and liver) as it removes toxic substances from the body, is suitable for the treatment of blood pressure disorders (hypotonia), arthrosis, joint diseases, non-inflammatory rheumatism and is also recommended for the treatment of depression. It is very suitable as a supplement in weight loss and cellulite prevention. In addition, endorphins - the hormones of happiness - emerge from the body during the sauna.



At the end of your stay in the Majestic Wine Wellness you will also receive a souvenir in the form of original wine cosmetics of your choice.